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Recent studies of American women suggest that as many as 80% suffer from PMS at some point during their life times.

This site was developed to help women understand PMS, its causes, possible treatments, and learn just what PMS is all about.

We will also locate some products to help women relieve the symptoms of PMS and help them go on to live normal, healthy lives. The average woman will experiences more than 400 menstrual cycles, for those that cope with the effects of PMS, that represents more than 400 times you will have to deal with symptoms - by understanding what PMS is all about, as well as learning about new products available to help, you can reduce your episodes significantly!

You can visit the various pages on PMS by using the navigation on the left hand side, or walk through the site, step by step with one of the following tours!

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What is it? Whare are the characteristics? Who gets it? What Causes it? Treatments?

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FemRelieve is an all natural treatment to ease the suffering of PMS. Learn about it before you order!


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